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Ceiling Fan Blade Air-Dam Spoiler

Improve Ceiling Fan Cooling

Patented adhesive bonded flexible air-dam spoiler improves ceiling fan blade downdraft. More Efficient Cooling Breeze when attached to Traditional Flat Ceiling Fan Blades. Saves Energy.

Unique Design

 U.S. Patent No.: 9,638,209           U.S. Trademark®87489477

Safe and Easy

Quick  and simple installation without tools.

Attach without  removing blades or fan from ceiling.

Safely improves cooling breeze with less fan speed.  

Instructions Included with Each Order

insert 12.0 (pdf)


Stay Cool - Use Less Fuel

Don't refrigerate your room (A/C) to stay cool this summer, attach fan-dam® flaps to your existing ceiling fan blades to produce more cooling breeze at lower speeds, and save energy.